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At Colonial, we custom design each project to meet the needs and goals of each customer. These services are always tailored to your specific requirements.

Some companies use “cookie cutter” landscape designs that can apply to any home. At Colonial, we believe your landscape should reflect your own unique style.

Our designers will take time to meet with you to perfect your design, make sure it fits your needs and to ensure that it will be something you will love for years to come.

Garden Consultation

Have questions about your garden? Have a tree or lawn that is underperforming? Or did you just move in and need to know what’s been planted? We can help!

Our nursery professional will come to your home and walk the property with you to identify flowers, plants and trees, and to discuss fertilizing, watering and pruning to achieve the most beautiful garden. Contact us for pricing and to schedule a consultation.

Ready to create a landscape design with the help of our experts? Call us to schedule your estimate today!

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